Also Magazine: A cultural stream of consciousness.


Layout, Illustration, Art Direction, Content Curation, Research




11 Weeks


InDesign, Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Notion

Content Synopsis

Also is an exploratory art and culture magazine. Featuring articles that examine different topics pertaining to the human experience. Also's tone is curious and thoughtful, at times serious but not overly bleak. The goal of each issue is to offer our readers a new perspective or idea about their own experience in the world.

Issue No. 1

The first issue of Also is called "Ourselves and Others". This issue explores the new and changing landscape of relationships post pandemic.

The goal for this issue was to build a collective that offered readers a window into the lives of others. To help us feel connected, to ground us, and hopefully feel less alone in our experience of the world.

A magazine spread with illustrations and the words "bad dog" as the title.
A magazine spread with a pixelated instagram grid down the middle and wavy pink grid in the background.
A magazine spread with a candle on the left page and en expressing title on the right page that reads "work is a false idol".
A magazine spread with a photo of clouds on the right page and a headline on the left page that reads "head in the clouds".
A magazine spread with a pull quote on the left page and an illustration of a chair on the right page.
A magazine spread with pixelated cut outs of famous women's faces and a headline that read "the age of instagram face".
A magazine spread with an expressive pull quote.
A magazine spread with a headline that reads "being in time" .
A magazine spread with illustrations of objects and several short stories.